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Dad Missing in Action

So I have been MIA for a while dealing with some family issues but I wanted to post a quick message to let everyone know we are not gone for good. Soon we will be back with more nerdy kid goodness. I promise!

Also wanted to drop a quick note about our recent FoodFighters review.  They are in the last few days of their kickstarter campaign. So now is the time to back. Also there has been a shipping price drop since the review so it is even cheaper to get your copy here in the USA. There has never been a better way to play with your food.

Remember to keep an eye out for our next review coming soon.


Game Review – Foodfighters (Kickstarter)

Today we will be reviewing Foodfighters, a game that is currently being kickstarted by Kids Table Board Gaming. It is designed by husband and wife duo Josh and Helaina Cappel and will be illustrated by Josh Cappel.

*Disclosure: We reviewed the print and play version of Foodfighters at the request of the creator. We were not compensated for this review and the opinions are our own. 


From the Publisher

Number of Players: 2

Game Time: 20 – 30 Minutes

Age Group:  8+

Foodfighters is a fun and light two-player battle game – each player controls a team of foods trying to win a food fight against the opposing team. First player to knock out three matching foods from the other team wins!

You and your opponent each control a faction of fighting foods. On your turn, you can move a Foodfighter, or roll dice to attack an opponent (that your Foodfighter is thinking about and that is in reach), or roll for Beans (cash). After that you can spend your Beans to buy awesome gear from the store or Power cards that are unique to your team. Then it’s the other guy’s turn. Keep going until you’ve knocked out three of a kind on your opponent’s team, and you’ve won!

The Game


Foodfighters is a head to head battle game where two players lead their faction of tasty troops to victory (or defeat) against their mortal epicurean foes. The game is played out in a 6×3 grid with each player controlling half of the grid. As a player you will either be team veggie or team meat (although additional factions may be available depending on whether or not certain goals are met in the Kickstarter campaign)  If you are team veggie, you will control 3 broccoli tiles, 3 cabbage tiles, and 3 onion tiles. If you are team meat you will control 3 steak tiles, 3 chicken tiles, and 3 bacon tiles.

At the start of the game, each player lays out their tiles randomly in a 3×3 grid facing the other other player.  The player who has most recently eaten one of their “characters” will then take the first turn

On a turn, you will have the option to:

1. Swap the position of 2 of your tiles. If you swap tiles you also get to take one bean  (in game currency) from the “kitchen”

2. Have one of your characters attack a character of the opposing team.  In order to attack, your character must be thinking about the other teams character (indicated by the thought bubble on the tile) and the opponents character must be in direct line of sight of your character. You must then successfully roll at least on splat icon on the dice for the attack to be successful

3. Roll for beans. You may roll the dice and collect as many beans as shown. You may re-roll any splats.

Once complete you may use your beans to purchase items from the kitchen. These include spoons (weapons), crackers (shields), and pans (helmets) as well as special ability cards and an extra die.

Turns alternate back and forth until one player has knocked out all of one type of their opponents characters.

Print and Play version is here if you want to try it out and you can back it here on Kickstarter


Dad’s Review

When I told the nerdettes that a game creator emailed us and asked us to check out a new game, they became more excited than I have seen them in a while. They could hardly wait for me to print out the game and get it all set up. In fact, they were so excited I was beginning to worry that the game itself would have a hard time living up to their expectations. Luckily I was wrong.

Foodfighters turned out to be a very good and engaging little fighter game with a theme that really works for the nerdettes and for me. Since I’m a big fan of games like Summoner Wars, it also has the bonus of being “like one of daddies grown-up games”.  Best of all the nerdettes picked it up very quickly, even Nerdette the Younger. Additionally, the artwork on the print and play is super cute and the designers have stated that the end result is sure to be even better.

The only slight hiccup we ran into is the number of players. With one dad and two nerdettes, someone is left out of each game. We resolved this by putting whoever is not actively playing in charge of the kitchen. Nerdette the Elder especially enjoyed this role, although I kept having to tell her that she wasn’t allowed to change the prices even if there was a high demand.

Although the suggested age is 8+ neither Nerdette the Younger (age 4) nor Nerdette the Elder (age 7) had any trouble picking up the rules.  Both of them had to have help reading the special abilities cards and understanding what they were for. As for the special ability cards, during the game I had to actively remind myself to use them as I don’t think they added a significant amount to the gameplay. As such, if the nerdettes want to play on their own I feel fully confident that we could remove those cards from the game and they would be able to play without much or even any parental assistance. That fact alone might make this gaming gold in my opinion.

There is also endless possibilities for different faction expansions. This would be a huge boost to replayability. My girls both decided the best faction would include: cake, cookies and ice cream.

The only possible negative I would say is that the creators are billing this as a game that can be played by kids, adults, or both. I can not see myself ever playing this with another adult on our own. It does have enough adult entertainment value  though, that I can see playing it with the nerdettes any time they like.

Dad’s Rating:


Nerdette the Younger’s Review:

Do you like Foodfighters?: Yes

What do you like about it?: Winning and I love the spoons.

What don’t you like about it?:Losing and losing some more. I don’t like losing A LOT!

Who would you recommend it to:  Everybody even babies, but not dogs.

Nerdette the Younger’s Rating:



Nerdette the Elder’s Review:

Do you like Foodfighters?: Yes

What do you like about it?: I like to beat the vegetables and I like buying the kitchen tools.

What don’t you like about it?: I don’t like when I lose or when I don’t have enough beans to buy the stuff I want.

Who would you recommend it to:  Everybody could actually enjoy it.

Nerdette the Elder’s Rating: