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Game Review – Munchkin Treasure Hunt

Game Review – Munchkin Treasure Hunt Because dragons are no match for a Nerdette with a full diaper!

Today we will be reviewing Munchkin Treasure Hunt by Steve Jackson Games. Munchkin Treasure Hunt came out in September of 2014 as a Toys R Us exclusive. It  was designed by Andrew Hackard and illustrated by John Kovalic.

Munchkin Treasure Hunt box

From the Publisher

Number of players: 2-6

Game time: 60 Minutes

Age Group: 6+

Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a fun board game for up to six players, ages 6 and up – now everyone in the family can be a Munchkin! Treasure Hunt comes with a board, two custom six-sided dice, 96 colorful cards, four blank cards (so you can write your own!), six character standees, and a rulesheet.

The munchkins (that’s you!), move around the board. If you land on a monster, use the Monster cards to find out how tough it is, then roll a dice and use your Treasures (like Protective Kittens or a Broccoli Smoothie – EEEUUWW, YUCK) to beat it. When you run out of Treasure cards, whoever has the most gold in their hand wins the game!

The Game

Munchkin Treasure Hunt boardBasics: Munchkin Treasure Hunt is a basically the simplest form of a dungeon crawl game. Each player has a cardboard munchkin in a stand that represents them in the game. Everyone starts out in the center room on the board and everyone starts with three treasure cards.  You roll a die to see how many spaces you can move. Once you get to the next room you must fight the monster in that room for treasure.

Fighting: To fight a monster, you will first determine the monsters power. This will be the number listed in the room + the value of one monster card (two cards for the dragon). Next you will determine your fighting power. This is done by rolling a die. You can then add the value of your permanent treasures along with any one time use treasure from your hand. you may also ask for help from any one other munchkin who is within 6 spaces of the room you are fighting in.  If you defeat the monster, you take the number of treasure cards indicated  in its room.  If you cannot beat the monster, you run away and lose one permanent treasure.

Treasure: There are two types of treasure: Permanent and  One-Time. You can have up to two permanent treasures in front of you at any time. These add to your overall power. One-Time treasure stays in your hand until you use them, at which time they are discarded. Each treasure card has gold value which determines who wins the game. The treasures are very tongue in cheek and provide most of the “theme” of the game.

End Game: The game ends when the treasure deck is emptied. Once this occurs everyone counts up the gold value of their treasure cards. The highest gold wins.

Dad’s Review

Munchkin was the very first hobby board games my wife and I purchased and it has always been a big hit whenever we pull it out. That’s why when we heard Steve Jackson was publishing a children’s version we knew it would soon be part of our collection.  I am so glad it is because the nerdettes absolutely love this game. It is simple enough that both of them can play on their own and we spend the whole hour giggling over the different treasure cards.  My personal favorites are:

fr_489 fr_490

Because there is some reading and math involved, we cannot leave them to play it on their own. Nerdette the Elder would have too much of an advantage. We have also instituted a house rule where instead of holding cards in our hands, we lay them all face up. That way we can help Nerdette the Younger read them.

The game plays very well with 3-6 players. I would not want to try it with just 2 as you would loose a lot of interaction that way. Even though the games do last at least an hour typically, the nerdettes always stay engaged until the very end.  This is rare in our house regardless of what we are doing. My only complaint is that if someone ends up with very powerful permanent treasures early on in the game, then they are certain to win. It would do better with some way to catch up.

Overall I am crazy glad we got this game and I would suggest it for any family. However, if it is just adults playing, I would stick with Munchkin.

Dad’s Rating:


Nerdette the Elder’s review


Do you like Munchkin Treasure Hunt?: Yes, I love it!

What do you like about it?: I like beating the monsters and getting treasure. I like going up against the dragon because he has the most treasure.

What don’t you like about it?: I don’t like it when I lose and have to run away.

Who would you recommend it to: Everybody

Nerdette the Elder’s Rating:



Nerdette the Younger’s review


Do you like Munchkin Treasure Hunt?: Yes.

What do you like about it?: I like the funny cards and helping people.

What don’t you like about it?: Nothing.

Who would you recommend it to: Everybody

Nerdette the Elder’s Rating:


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