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Comic-Con with Kids

Comic-Con with Kids

Last weekend we took the nerdettes to Dallas Comic-Con. We also had the added bonus of bringing my niece (Nerdette the Cousin) who the nerdettes worship like an Amazonian Goddess. Additionally, it was mine and my wife’s first visit to a big con, and we were all looking forward to it.

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Unfortunately, it didn’t quite pan out to be the day of awesome we had imagined. Now don’t get me wrong, we had fun. From everything we saw it seemed like a well run con, but I don’t think taking the nerdettes was the right decision.  They are not disciplined enough at this age to sit through the panels , so we missed out on one of the biggest draws for going to cons.  Also, we all had a pretty negative reaction to paying out crazy money to get an autograph or picture with the celebrities. This cuts out another big part of the experience. As a result we spent the day shopping and people watching. Both of these were lots of fun, but not exactly worth the price of admission.

With that being said, there were a lot of really cool parts of the day. All of the nerdettes LOVED the idea of cosplay and tried to take pictures with as many “celebrities” as possible. The only exception is Nerdette the Younger doesn’t like males (fingers crossed this sticks for a good long while) so she would only take pictures with the female characters.

comic-con 3


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We also had a great time at the children’s cosplay contest. There were some really amazing costumes that the kiddos put together, and all the nerdettes said they want to compete next time we go to comic-con.

The nerdettes especially enjoyed seeing the real life R2D2s and other droids made by the Astromechs Builders Group, as well as the 501st Legion cosplayers. We have recently started watching Star Wars Rebels (more on this in a later post), so it was a treat to see the characters we love up close and personal. My wife says I am not allowed to make my own R2 unit but I’ll wear her down eventually.

comic-con 2

comic-con r2

Plus, I got an awesome lightsaber, made by the good folks at Ultra Sabers. This has provided hours of fun sparring with the nerdettes.

Overall, I would definitely go back, but I’ll probably find the nerdettes a sitter. At least until they are old enough to really enjoy the panels.